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We are SIGNALSOFT Rail Consultancy Ltd. and we offer very accurate railway signalling simulations that put you in the position of dispatcher.

With our computer simulations, it’s your job to effectively and safely manage rail traffic as it passes through your area of responsibility. You will need to communicate with your neighbouring dispatchers and you’ll need to talk to drivers on the radio in cases where they are coupling or uncoupling or doing other shunting activities.

Our simulations are used by both railway enthusiasts and railway professionals for training and education as well as good old-fashioned *fun*.

This site offers informations about our various sims as well as links to help and support resources.

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Whether you’re a potential customer or one of our software developers, our zoomable panel images are really useful for quickly looking at a particular panel up close in very high resolution.

They are very useful and frankly, just a lot of fun to explore.

We recommend you check out the Rheingold collection of 11 sims which can be connected together in multiplayer mode. This image in particular shows how all the panels connect up to each other.



Andernach Signalbox Available

This station is located at the Left Rhine line with the heavy traffic. Andernach is also the connection for the Pellenz-Eifel Railway to Mayen and Gerolstein. As a dispatcher you'll have a load of traffic, though you don't have to take serious decisions about it....

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Dispatch Trains in Amsterdam Central Station

Power Signal Box Amsterdam Central Station You will be amazed with the features and gameplay of Power Signal Box Amsterdam. You'll have to manage loads of traffic in a reasonable size layout. This is the largest signal box simulation made up until now. It covers a...

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Now Available: Gelsenchirchen Hbf

Dispatch train traffic at an important site of the Ruhr District in Germany! Gelsenkirchen Hbf is a fairly easy signal box, great for beginners. But also for the experts it has some hidden things to find out and puzzle your way around a good balance between the...

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Braunschweig Released!

This simulation offers a very detailed copy of a very common German Type of a Power Signal Box (Sp Dr S 60). Simulated is the time during Winter 1974/1975. It was an area close to the east-German border with only Diesel and still some steam! The Steam Shops in...

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Post T Arnhem 1965 – Demo

A fully-working, interactive simulation of the Arnhem signal box as it was in 1965. Application is localised in English, Dutch and German. Limitations of the demo version: fixed start time at a Wednesday 9.30 am, no train appears after 10.30 am settings can not be...

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