KontrollmonitorZentralstellwerk Fulda is now available in the webshop!

Fulda is a large Sp Dr S 600 panel with complex operations and the use of a control monitor (DET), just like the real thing!

Fulda is in the centre of the North-South High Speed Line with ICE trains running up to 280 km/h! Due to the centre point of the station, there are many freight trains that need relief drivers. It’s up to you to plan where they must relieve each other so that they don’t block your traffic.

There are plenty of dispatching challenges here!

Fulda has:

  • 4136 possible routes (train, shunt, alternatives)
  • 363 signals
  • 209 switches/points/turnouts
  • 544 track sections (235 km network length in total)
  • 6720 panel tiles (!)
  • up to 1300 trains per day, with many freight trains.
  • 11 scenarios that will challenge your dispatching skills

Check out the product page or jump to the webshop.

Zentralstellwerk Fulda Panel