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We are SIGNALSOFT Rail Consultancy Ltd. and we offer very accurate railway signalling simulations that put you in the position of dispatcher.

With our computer simulations, it’s your job to effectively and safely manage rail traffic as it passes through your area of responsibility. You will need to communicate with your neighbouring dispatchers and you’ll need to talk to drivers on the radio in cases where they are coupling or uncoupling or doing other shunting activities.

Our simulations are used by both railway enthusiasts and railway professionals for training and education as well as good old-fashioned *fun*.

This site offers informations about our various sims as well as links to help and support resources.

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Whether you’re a potential customer or one of our software developers, our zoomable panel images are really useful for quickly looking at a particular panel up close in very high resolution.

They are very useful and frankly, just a lot of fun to explore.

We recommend you check out the Rheingold collection of 11 sims which can be connected together in multiplayer mode. This image in particular shows how all the panels connect up to each other.



Zentralstellwerk Würzburg Hbf has arrived!

Signalsoft Rail Consultancy Ltd's newest signal box simulation, Zentralstellwerk Würzburg Hbf,  has arrived! Würzburg Hbf is a very large panel and contains many new options and functions. It is a Sp Dr S 600 type of panel with complex operations and the use of a...

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Fulda now available!

Zentralstellwerk Fulda is now available in the webshop! Fulda is a large Sp Dr S 600 panel with complex operations and the use of a control monitor (DET), just like the real thing! Fulda is in the centre of the North-South High Speed Line with ICE trains running up to...

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Panel Aging Expert Option

Today's feature is an expert option available in recent updates of the German panel simulations that mimic the effect of aged and discoloured panel tiles. Tiles are often replaced and colour-matching is sometimes difficult. With this expert option on, the panel is...

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Zoom Images: Touch Screen Support Added

  Our highly-detailed zoom pages now support touch screens and mobile devices. Previously, moving your fingers around on the screen did nothing. Now, you can zoom in and out using just your fingers. It works even better in fullscreen mode! If you feel it's not working...

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Zentralstellwerk Heidelberg

Zentralstellwerk Heidelberg Hbf is now available! Contains the area between Mannheim, Mannheim-Friedrichsfeld, Neckargemünd, and Wiesloch-Walldorf Complete 1:1 simulation of the original panel of the type Sp Dr S 59/60 including all buttons! 1565 possible routes...

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Essen – it’s a big one!

Power Signal Box Essen is now available! Essen is a large panel and in real life is operated by two people, with the dark-grey area being operated by one, and the lighter grey operated by a second person. Contains the area between Gelsenkirchen, Bochum and...

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Duisburg is Here!

Signalling Centre Duisburg Hbf is a hybrid between S59 and S60 type of signal panels, and shows how dispatchers use both old and new forms of signalling equipment. Some indications are available in S59 that are not in S60 and vice versa. In real life, the Duisburg...

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Kirchhain and Marburg

Kirchhain (FKIH) and Marburg (FMBG) are now available for sale in the webshop! These two simulations connect together for network play. If you wish, you can read more about the details of these dispatching simulations either on our wiki help page or in the webshop....

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Mathilde is in the webshop!

With the release of Streckenzentralstellwerk Mathilde, you now have the opportunity to dispatch rail traffic in the largest freight-only signal box in Europe! With the default timetable, you can expect about 800 trains per day. The Mathilde (MAF) signalling panel...

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